An exhibition devoted to the 1932-1933 Holodomor in Ukraine is opening Monday, September 17 in Jerusalem, JewishNews reported. The exhibition, which is the first such event in Israel, is the part of the program of the International Charitable Fund of Aleksandr Feldman, people`s deputy of the fifth convocation, president of the Association of National-Cultural Unions of Ukraine and president of the Jewish Foundation of Ukraine.

The exhibited documents have been mainly found in the archives of the former KGB. The exposition was arranged by the National Institute of Memory of Ukraine, which representatives, together with Feldman will present the exhibition in Israel.

The exhibition has already aroused interests in Israel. Head of the Israel - Ukraine parliamentary assembly, Knesset member Michael Nudelman believes that exhibition in Jerusalem will allow thousands of Israelis to learn the truth about true reasons of Holodomor and those responsible for it.

The exhibition will last for 15 days.