On June 1, International Children’s Day, Victor Yushchenko said it was incumbent on both the government and the nation to protect children, according to the President’s press-office.

      “We are all obliged to tirelessly make our children’s life happy, support gifted children and develop their personality,” he said.

      The President described our children as the country’s future and wealth.

      “The future depends on our children, and they already show us their creative, scientific and athletic achievements. One day, they will help our country become one of Europe’s powerful states,” he opined.

      Then the President said this year would be the “year for the protection of children’s rights.” He reiterated that the government had already raised financial aid to newborns by eleven times and would hopefully manage to increase payments to mothers having children under three by at least two times.

      The Head of State said the government was determined to improve health care for children. Last year, he added, the state spent UAH 25 mln to help 2.8 mln children recreate. This year, the government plans to help three million kids to repair their health.

      Mr. Yushchenko also promised to fight child homelessness by encouraging people to open so-called family children’s homes and adopt orphans.

      Then the President demanded that the government should create favorable conditions for high-quality education and make entrance exams fair.

      “High-quality education is Ukraine’s strategic investment,” he said.

      The Chief of State thanked all people who “put their soul and mind in our children”: parents, teachers, coaches, and social workers. He wished the young citizens of Ukraine and their parents strong health, happiness, and prosperity.