At a government sitting on Sept 19, a draft resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine “On approval of the State Target Program on Village Development of Ukraine for the period till 2015” has been endorsed, according to the government’s press-office.

It is an extremely important program social-economic document of inter-branch and regional character.

The Program provisions determine basic directions of the public agrarian policy, aimed at creating favorable conditions for stable development of the village territories, ensuring operation of the high-performance competitive agrarian sector at home and foreign market, strengthening food safety and qualitative food production, increasing villagers’ income, development of the agrarian science and education.

The Program includes a detail and fundamental analysis of the current situation in the village and agroindustrial complex of Ukraine, conclusions and action plan of basic directions of the Ukrainian village development for the period till 2015 which should be fulfilled by improving organization-economic mechanisms and strengthening state support of the agroindustrial complex and social sphere of the village.

Implementation of the Program will ensure:

- preserving village settlements and providing them with objects of social infrastructure according to the determined standards and norms on conditions of habitation for the villagers;

- raising efficiency of villagers’ employment, increasing incomes and average monthly wages for agricultural workers up to the level not lower than average in the spheres of national economy;

- forming agrarian market due to the domestic agricultural production at the level guaranteeing food freedom of the country and encouraging development of export potential of the country;

- creating infrastructure of the home agrarian market, extending exchange trade, forming national network of the wholesale agricultural markets, information-communication networks and development of transport provision;

- establishing transparent and efficient for commodity producers channels of output advance from the producer to the consumer;

- annual update of the technical agriculture base by 15 percent;

- increasing production volume of gross output of the agriculture in 2015 1,6fold as against 2006;

- increasing export volume of agricultural output and foodstuffs twofold;

- providing organic output in general volume of gross output of the agriculture at least by 10 percent;

- increasing investments to the agrarian sector twofold;

- increasing load of the reprocessors, renewal of agriculture mechanical engineering, retaining work places in the partner-spheres of agriculture;

- increasing volumes of tax receipt and dues from the agrarian sector to the balanced budget 2,5fold;

- introducing the base agro-ecological requirements and standards into the practice, according to the EU regulations;

- bringing the level of foodstuffs consumption in 2015 to the scientifically grounded norms.