This night in Kherson some unknown persons committed a blatant attempt to murder a journalist of "Kievskie Vedomosti" Serhiy Yanevskiy and his family, according to IMI, referring to TV 5 Kanal. From the upper stage they poured gasoline with pipe through the window of Yanevskiy’s apartment and they blocked the door of entry to the apartment.

The journalist and his family did not perish only thanks to a chance. The journalist’s wife who was with their child heard the sound of falling water and then a powerful deflagration. She thought it was rain, and she came to see to the kitchen. In thirty seconds after the jet of the gasoline all the kitchen was in flames, told Julia Yanovska. "Why it is premeditated act, because the door was blocked and this happened when all the family was at home, but we cpould not go out. Some few seconds more and we would not be there.

The law enforcement bodies are disposed to suppose that arson was premeditated. They found a jerrycan with the remainders of the gasoline, flexible pipe, they had to tear off a bar which blocked the door of entry to the apartment.

"At present, we do everything is possible to discover the crime, - told Mikhailo Yasselskiy, chief of the department of the Interior of the region of Khesron. - we are studying different hypothesis, including this one which concerns his professional activity. There are all the reasons to discover the crime ".

The criminal case is open on the basis of article 194, paragraph 2 of the Penal code which covers "the premeditated damage caused to belongings by means of arsonning".

The journalist says that the incident was revenge for his articles.