“Our wedding will take place in Cuba in Havana on October 25. We take nothing from Kyiv: neither dresses nor wedding rings…We will buy everything there. The wedding will take place in accordance with Cuban traditions and, frankly speaking, I can not imagine yet how the dress of Cuban Rosita looks like”, shared Iryna Bilyk her impressions with TabloID.

The fiance of the singer is her partner from “Dances with Stars” show Dmytro Digusar.  Instead of honeymoon trip, the married couple will leave for a concert tour.

“As soon as we return, we, together with Dmytro Digusar, will go on “We Will Be Together” concert tour. So admirers will be able to see us at the stage in new quality”, says I. Bilyk.

“And then in December, when the tour will end, a party on the occasion of our wedding for friends will take place. At this party I will be in a wedding dress by Sergey Yermakov”, the pop star notes.

“But all these clothes may be seen on October 16 at Anti –AIDS charitable fashion show, where designers will present their wedding dresses. I will personally present my dress at the stage. S. Yermakov promises that it will be something great”, says Iryna Bilyk.

Moreover, there will be one more holiday for the lovers – the birthday of the fiance. The day before wedding, on October 24, Dmytro Digusar will become 22. (Iryna Bilyk is 37 years old).

Photos from TabloId website.