The democratic values do not have any practical meaning for the majority of Ukrainian citizens.

      These are the results of “Consciousness of Ukrainian Choice” research, carried out by Gorshenin’s Institute within the framework of “Mental Bases of Choice” annual program, forwarded to UNIAN.

      Onl some 46% of Ukrainians think that the freedom of speech has for them some practical value, some 40% pointed for the right of free movement and choice of place of residence. Some 35% praise the right to express the opinion about politics and government freely, and every third Ukrainian values the possibility to vote at election in according with their views. At the same time, Ukrainians put the freedom of entrepreneurship to the one of last places in the list of important democratic values. It has a practical meaning only for every fourth citizen of Ukraine.

      Commenting the received results, Gorshenin’s Institute expert Volodymyr Zastava noted that “rudiments “of the Soviet conscious” are rather strong in the Ukrainian society yet, because the democratic value were not needed in the Soviet Union.

According to the words of expert, the attitude of Ukrainians toward private property indicates this - according to opinion of the majority, private property is not something private and inviolable. At the same time, the attitude to private property as inviolable value and to entrepreneurs as a “mover of economics” in the large meaning of this word is a pivot, on which the whole society is based on, while the democracy is some kind of instruments, which help to protect property, freedom, and personal life choice, noted V. Zastava.

      To confirm his words, the expert gave the results of the research. Thus, only every third Ukrainian thinks that it is normal when some people earn more money than others.