Nigeria prepares to open tourist routs for citizens of Ukraine with the aim of improving the economic situation for its country. This decision was approved during the visit of “Embassy of God” Pastor Sandei Adeladzha to this country, reports “Kommersant – Ukraine”.

However, Ukrainian travel agencies and air companies do not hurry to organize trips of Ukrainian citizens to Nigeria, because they are afraid of cows at take-off runway and local bandits, who regularly take foreigners in hostages.

Director General of Tourism Travel Department of Nigeria Otunba Olusegun Runzeve said during the news conference on October 23 that he has a desire to make Nigeria “so developed country in the tourism way as United Arab Emirates”.

According to local mass media, “Embassy of God” Pastor Sandei Adeladzha did not agree with him that “simple political desire will be enough in order the tourism of the country reaches the high level – Nigeria will need some national rashness”. S. Adeladzha called upon the Nigerian government “to forget about the bureaucracy” and to cancel the visas for Europeans, referring to the experience of Ukraine: “The canceling of the visas became the strong push for inflow of foreign tourists”.

Moreover, S. Adeladzha promised after the returning to Kyiv to hold negotiations with Culture and Tourism Ministry and to ask officials to promote that Ukrainians change Egypt and Turkey for Nigeria.