An operational group of the Emergencies ministry is culling a domesticated fowl with bird flu in the village of Pisky in Sumy oblast, according to the Our Ukraine press-office.

That’s what Viktor Baloha, the Emergencies Minister, and member of “Our Ukraine” party said.

The virus of the bird flu has been found in this village.

“The operational group arrived at 11.15 yesterday as soon as the information on the epidemic was received” – he said.

“The events were strange for local people and not all of them were willing to co-operate with the Emergencies ministry’s workers. Only 25% of the fowl was culled on the first day” – Mr. Baloha informed.

“But local people have understood the problem thanks to explanations. We plant to cull the fowl from about 500 local households by the end of the day” – he explained.

Mr. Baloha added that a possibility of the virus’ distribution was next to zero thanks to efficient measures of rescue workers.

“In addition, the nearest settlement is five kilometers from the village of Pisky” – he informed.