Out of the citizens, who declared in 2007 their incomes, received in 2006, 98 declared the income at more than 1 million hryvnias. It is by 36 people more compared with the previous year.

According to the Department of individual people taxation of the State Tax Administration in the Donetsk Oblast, 79 out of 98 millionaires legally live in Donetsk.

On the whole, 45 379 declarations of citizens, who received incomes in 2006, have been already received. 39 thousands of declarations were processed in the previous year.

Representatives of the Tax Administration specified that 26 thousand citizens submitted declarations in line with procedure of obligatory declaring the received incomes. To compare, in the year 2006, nearly 17 thousand citizens submitted their income declarations.

Moreover, representatives of the tax administration recalled some “interesting” cases of declaring incomes by citizens.

Thus, a resident of Snizhne city declared a foreign income in amount of 202 thousand hryvnias, received  through Internet from a foreign firm for his services.

In another case, a citizen of Germany took part in building works in Yenakievo city and declared an income at 328.7 thousand hryvnias.

Another man, a resident of Donetsk city, received an apartment as a gift from the Donetsk eparchy and mentioned in his declaration the income in amount of 119.3 thousand hryvnias.