More than 70% of Ukrainians believe that the Ukrainian society does not develop, or stopped its development.

These are the data of an all-Ukrainian poll, carried out by Gorshenin Institute within frames of “Mental Bases of Choice” annual research program, which were publicized at a press conference in UNIAN by Institute director Kost Bondarenko.

In particular, some 36.7% of those polled believe that the society does not develop, some 33.9% believe that the society declines, and only some 18.9% expressed an opinion that the society develops. Some 9.8% of those polled could not answer, and some 0.8% have another opinion.

Half of those polled Ukrainians consider unsatisfactory the general state of morals in the Ukrainian society, some 37.3% consider this state satisfactory, some 3.4% - believe the general state of morals rather high, and some 9.3% could not answer the question.

The all-Ukrainian poll was held during November 1-10 of 2007 in 1290 settlements of Ukraine. The error margin does not exceed 2.2%.