Ukraine, Russia agreed principles of natural gas pricing for the medium term, according to the Ukrainian Fuel-Energy Ministry’s press-service.

“We finished to agree the natural gas pricing for the medium term. Economic subjects began to prepare the respective commercial contracts”, the Ministry’s report reads.

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The agreement was reached on Thursday, 15 November, at a meeting of Gazprom’s CEO Alexei Miller with Ukraine’ s Fuel and Energy Minister Yuri Boyko in Moscow.

Konstantin Borodin, the press secretary of the Ukrainian Fuel-Energy Ministry refused to specify any other details “until the moment the agreement is signed.”

As UNIAN reported earlier, Gazprom representatives claimed that the gas price for Ukraine in 2008 may make 160 US dollars for a thousand cubic meters, if the sides sign an agreement on gradual transferring to average European price by the year 2011. The average European price may amount 300 US dollars for a thousand cubic meters as early as in 2008.