Defense Minister of Ukraine Anatoliy Hrytsenko has introduced counter-admiral Ihor Teniuk, new-appointed commander-in-chief of the Ukrainian Naval Forces, to the admirals and officers of the Ukrainian fleet in Sevastopol today.

According to the President’s press-office A.Hrytsneko thanked former commander of the Ukrainian Navy vice-admiral Ihor Kniaz for his service, and expressed a hope that he will use his experience on the post of the deputy chief of the Ukrainian Armed Forces General Headquarters.

A.Hrytsenko disclosed that I.Kniaz will be busy with issues of military and military-technical collaboration on the new post.

According to him, “we will have a proportional representation in the General Headquarters, there will be represented the Naval Forces, the Air Force, we will have a planned rotation”.

The Defense Minister is convinced that this is a normal practice of “leading developed armies”.