The dead body of another miner has been found in Zasyadko mine in Donetsk. The death toll rises to 70 miners.

According to an UNIAN correspondent, Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine Andriy Klyuyev, chairman of the governmental commission for liquidation of the emergency, claimed this to journalists at the mine today.

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“At present, we have found 70 dead bodies. Out of them, 57 bodies have been lifted to the surface”, he said, adding that 38 dead bodies have already been identified.

A.Klyuyev stressed that the mine rescuers have encountered “some difficulties”. “The temperature in the ventilation drift and in wall face has risen. But rescue work is proceeding. There are always chances for a rescue ... If we put the fire out, we will finish matters today. We are holding an additional technical meeting”, the Deputy Prime Minister said. “We will determine the further movement of mine rescuers”, he pointed out.

The Deputy PM also added that the commission decided questions concerning the organization of funeral of those perished. The first 28 people will be buried on 20 November, out of them 19 – in Donetsk.