Kyiv districts may be reorganized within the nearest weeks. Kyiv Mayor Leonid Chernovetskiy claimed this to journalists on Friday.

According to an UNIAN correspondent, the Mayor disclosed that if in the nearest time the President will not support his decision to sack chiefs of three district state administrations – Volodymyr Mazepa (Svyatoshynskiy DSA), Oleksander Sotnykov (Dniprovskiy DSA), and Yevhen Romanenko (Podilskiy DSA), these districts will be divided and added to others. “I do not have enough patience, and I’m ready to decisive steps concerning these three districts, chiefs of which completely gave up their duties to Kyiv residents. These districts are Svyatoshynskiy, Dniprovskiy, and Podilskiy”, L.Chernovetskiy.

According to him, as early as the next year, the issue of reorganizing districts will be put for consideration of the Kyiv City Council.

“We planned to listen to their reports at the regular session of the Kyiv city Council.

They will have to report to the Kyiv community, to Kyiv deputies, and, in any case, we are ready to make decision to reorganize the district system in the city. Because it is impossible to dismiss them in another way”, L.Chernovetskiy said.

He referred to the Law on Capital and the decision of the Constitutional Court, in line with which the district council chief automatically becomes chief of the district administration, and only the President may dismiss him.