Chairman of the independent trade union of miners of Ukraine, member of the governmental commission for liquidation of the accident at Zasyadko mine, Myhaylo Volynetz says that 30 miners, who remain in the mine, do not have any chances to survive.

According to an UNIAN correspondent, M. Volynetz said this to journalists at the mine today.

According to his words, mine rescuers stepped back to the point, at which the rescue operation began, due to rising temperature in the mine, and resumed fire at some areas.

“If the flame will develop further in the ventilation drift, it may cuase another explosion, because there is a gas pipeline with a high concentration of methane”, said M. Volynetz.

According to his words, it is possible that “the last measures will be taken: the straight arches will be established, in order to stop the access of air”.

“30 people will remain in the zone of the accident, and nobody takes upon oneself the responsibility to say that in such cases people can stay alive”, noted M. Volynetz.

He is confident that 30 merely do not take upon themselves the responsibility to recognize this.

“Nobody can remain alive there as for today, it is necessary to make extraordinary decisions”, said M. Volynetz.