In his interview in Donetsk President promised that none of the circumstances of the Zasyadko mine tragedy shall escape the attention of State commission on technogenic and ecologic security, according to the President`s press-office.

“We have a lot of questions and decisions before us”, he said. Among most important tasks President outlines urgent support to victim miners, identification of dead bodies, funeral arrangements for victims of the blast and payment of indemnity to victims’ relatives.

“Currently the social payments and indemnities are being calculated. I have received a report from Minister of labor and social policy concerning this issue. Tomorrow we shell begin indemnity payments to victims’ families”, V. Yushchenko said.

Speaking about the main aim of his visit to the Zasyadko mine President said: “My main aim is obvious. I want to demonstrate my sympathy to every victim family on the highest level possible. On the other hand I wanted to show to the whole country that this is a great tragedy”.

V. Yushchenko also expressed his gratitude to all those who take part in rescue mission and gives a helping hand to victims.