President Victor Yushchenko took part in “Ukraine remembers! Holodomor 1932-1933 – genocide of the Ukrainian nation” exhibition opening. It is being held  in “Ukrainian house”.

President is reassured that today’s Ukraine, its authorities and people are obliged to make everything possible to bring up to light tragedy’s scale. However V. Yushchenko is distressed by a fact that researchers speak often of the victims’ numbers rather than of the importance of the tragedy itself. “For me it is a tragedy regardless of the deceased numbers whether it is one million, hundred thousands or ten million”, he added.

V. Yushchenko thinks it is very important that present generation gives deserving honor to those who died during the Great Famine. “Why don’t we have a worthy monument dedicated to victims of Holodomor or worthy film in this country? Why there’s no national museum?”, he said.

President also expressed his wish that exhibitions such as has opened today is visited by maximum number of people. “Every person should begin learning about history of his/her nation”, he added.

V. Yushchenko thanked exhibition’s organizers – Ukrainian institute of national heritage, Security service of Ukraine, Ukraine 3000 International Charitable Foundation, other governmental and public organizations as well as researchers of Holodomor and activists, who were helping to arrange the exhibition.