It was promised to pay 20 euros for voting in favour of Dina Garipova.

As eyewitness say, some Russian speaking men were offering to gather groups of 10 people having 5 mobile phones each. When the group is gathered it had to vote in favour of Russian representative in the Eurovision Song Contest under one of the coordinators control. Each participant was promised of 20 euros and 50 euros for the one who gathered such a group.

Similar offer may be found on Facebook. Seduced by 50 euros "group leaders" seek for volunteers who would vote for Russia on Eurovision.

Actually it is said in the message that 3 mobile phones is enough, but payment would be 10 euros only.

"Offer! People wanted, who could come to the bar (to which one to be identified later) in the center in the evening and vote in the final stage of Eurovision. Each one must have 3-5 mobile phones. Sim cards to be given. Just to vote, each one will be paid 10 euros plus beer etc. Quck earning of 40 litas for nothing. Everything is alright.

Musicians just allocated certain budget for enhancing their chances on Eurovision. Recently got same offer myself from organizers and found this to be true. The team should not be less than 10 people (or it is not worth paying)... there are already three more needed" - as it is said in the Net.

"That is interesting, what is the purpose that Russians buy votes for Eurovision. Does this guarantee high rank in the final? May be they want to show to the rest of Europe that Russia still have influence in the former Soviet states?", - Mindaugas, the eyewitness of the undergoing, said.