President Victor Yushchenko headed all-Ukrainian meeting on energy saving in mining and machine-building industries, according to the President`s press-office.

Opening the seating President emphasized that the new, modernized policy of effective energy resources use must be prepared "until January 1, 2008”.

V. Yushchenko is disappointed with current state energy saving program implementation. “None of this program’s indices has been reached so far”, - he said. In this regard President blamed government, local authorities and self-government bodies for ineffectiveness.

According to President neither National Agency for Efficient Use of Energy Resources, nor Ministry of Industrial Policy of Ukraine have prepared their lists of requirements to “ensure strict observance of energy saving norms”. These requirements would help to implement energy saving practices.

Existing energy saving programs are also subject to complex and systematic changes.

President marked urgency of legislation re-examination, regulating that field.

V. Yushchenko said that he shall advise new Cabinet of Ministers to discuss an issue of energy saving policy on its first meeting. He also emphasized the importance of actions coordination between central governing authorities, municipal bodies, local executive bodies etc.

President reminded that indices of energy efficiency in Ukraine are 2 to 4 times lower than of other developed countries. This situation poses threats to energy security of the country and substantially lowers our citizens’ welfare.

Speaking about energy saving in coal mining industry President concentrated on the Zasyadko mine tragedy. “We invest billions more into industry but these billions produce no effect neither regarding human life saving nor rise in production. Today we must give a state level answer on the question: why is this happening?. Why is the enterprise which is to be held as an example of new security policy in mining industry, brings so much trouble to millions of Ukrainians around the whole country?”, - V. Yushchenko said.