On Sunday, 28-year old Olympic champion in gymnastics Lilia Podkopayeva and her partner, 23-year old Kyrylo Khytrov, were banished from “Dances with Stars-3” show at TV 1+1. L.Podkopayeva was very disappointed and even cried.

The jury did not like that Lilia looked too little at her partner during the dance. She was also criticized for attempts to dance rather technically and did not show the image.

Three foreign judges – Italian Jeri Abratte, Norwegian Rashid Malki and Russian Alexey Belyayev estimated her dance lower than that of her rival, Polish actor Martin Mrochek.

“Jury members were paid. Lilia did not deserve just 7 balls [out of 10]. She performed complicated elements. I told her: you are the leader by SMS-voting and ratings in the Internet. Viewers had to support her in the final”, L.Podkopayeva’s husband Tymofiy Nahorny, 36, speaks emotionally. – “They just walked over Lilia”.

Kyrylo Khytrov, the famous gymnast’s partner, claimed that Podkopayeva has intent to refuse from taking part in the gala-concert of “Dances”, scheduled for December 2.