Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych said that a separate decision to be taken on every mine at depths of above 1000 metres, according to the government’s press-office.

“It will be a responsible approach to every mining face, every level. Only differentiated approaches because there are different mining and geological conditions of coal production at diverse mines,” Viktor Yanukovych noted at briefing in Donetsk.

At the same time the Head of Government noted that experts are confronted by such a phenomenon at the Zasyadko mine which had never faced before. “We will work with experts and scientists. It is very important from the scientific point of view to fulfill this work because we have never observed such phenomena before. Or maybe it depends on mining and geological conditions, probably it is emission of heavy deep-seated gases on the surface through crack in the earth`s crust – We don’t know anything,” Viktor Yanukovych said.

The PM noted that experts do not know yet the reasons of yesterday’s explosion at the Zasyadko mine because there is no access to the place of accident.