President Victor Yushchenko held a meeting with Prosecutor General Oleksandr Medvedko, according to the President`s press-office.

Among the discussed topics during the meeting were investigation of the Zasyadko mine accidents and Office of the Prosecutor General reaction on the case of illegal conviction of Donetsk region citizen Svitlana Zayceva.

Speaking about the situation with Zasyadko mine President reaffirmed that he had instructed government and Prime Minister to shut down the mine until all the circumstances of the accidents are clarified. He also expressed hope to the Prosecutor General for professional and effective work of the Office. “We must find an answer to the question: who is guilty of what had happened, as soon as possible”, - V. Yushchenko said.

Regarding the case of Svitlana Zayceva which stimulated broad social response President expressed his surprise that number of officials responsible for her illegal conviction have not experienced any legal proceedings so far.

“You must take your principal stand on that issue”, - said V. Yushchenko. “I think it is a challenge to honor of both Prosecutor General and to his Office.”