Lawmaker detained robber with his bare hands

16:28, 19 December 2007
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Police thanked him

On Monday night, lawmaker Serhiy Teryokhin, together with his driver Oleksander, detained one of three robbers, who were trying to penetrate into an office of a company in the Reytarska street in Kyiv, which is situated not far from his office, according to “Segodnya” daily.

“We saw two offenders, who broke open the door at the ground floor and were ready to enter the building”, - Teryokhin disclosed to the newspaper. “Having noticed us, the robbers rushed to a car that was waiting for them, but, understanding they will not be able to drive, they just ran away. We detained the offender who was their driver. We blockaded his car with ours, and called police,” – the lawmaker said.

When they were waiting for the police, the scared driver tried to frighten off S.Teryokhin, saying that he will call lawmaker Volodymyr Aryev, who will defend him. “I did not have Volodymyr’s number. His colleague and friend, lawmaker Andriy Shevchenko, sent him an SMS. Aryev did not know anything at all about that man, and was already sleeping at that time…”, S.Teryokhin said.

The police are working with the detained robber. Asked whether the police thanked S.Teryokhin for his help, he said: “It seems, yes..”.

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