The mother of murdered journalist Georgiy Gongadze refuses to bury “tarashcha body” since she is not sure it is her son’s body, according to Ukrayinska Pravda.

“I do not want to bury a stranger’s body. I am sure that the bones in the morgue do not belong to my son,” said Lesya Gongadze in an interview to Gazeta Po-Kievski periodical.

According to Georgiy’s mother, Prosecutor General’s Office purposely wants to get rid of the body to shun the responsibility.

“In fact, I am forced to go to Tarashcha and take the document which, I am sure, will specify neither cause of death nor time and place. Then I will have to go to registry office with this paper to get certificate of death. I will have to go then to morgue to get, I stress, a stranger’s body,” she said.

“Maybe Prosecutor General’s Office believes they will sun the responsibility if they get rid of the body. I tell them – I am not going to bury a stranger. If I were sure that was my Giya I’d bury him in Lviv,” Lesya Gongadze added.

As previously reported, Prosecutor General’s Office permitted Lesya Gongadze to take the body.