The executive committee of the U.S.-Ukraine Business Council (USUBC) is pleased to announce that MaxWell USA, LLC, a Washington, D.C.-based medical/pharmaceutical company, has been  approved as the first new member for 2008 and as the 53rd member of USUBC, according to a USUBC press-release.

 USUBC has been meeting with Dr. Peter M. Leitner, President of MaxWell USA, and with Alex Meerovich, Public Relations Manager, since early December 2007 about MaxWell`s strong interest in being a member of USUBC.  Dr. Leitner will represent MaxWell USA on the USUBC board of directors.

 As a U.S. company with a growing presence in Ukraine, MaxWell USA is working to meet significant unmet medical needs in the emerging  markets of the former Soviet Union, including through on-site production  of high-tech, high-quality bio- and chemopharmaceuticals targeting oncological and cardiological diseases.

 The head office is based in downtown DC, but the bulk of their current activity is in Ukraine, where MaxWell is building a large, state of the art pharmaceutical production facility in the town of Boryspil, just outside Kyiv.

 Once completed, the Boryspil facility will employ around 500 people and will produce a range of bio- and chemo-pharmaceuticals in a variety of formats. Production is slated to begin in 2008.

 The company president is Dr. Ken Alibek, noted American microbiologist, biotechnologist, and biodefense expert originally from Kazakhstan.  Dr. Alibek currently divides his time between MaxWell`s corporate head-quarters in Washington, D.C. and the Boryspil facility.

 Their plans for Ukraine include much more than manufacturing and distributing pharmaceuticals.  MaxWell is also establishing a network of out-patient clinics across Ukraine (the first clinic in Boryspil opened on August 1, 2007); they just published in Kyiv the first issue of their popular-medical journal, "Science, Health, Life"; and they plan to open a specialized cancer and cardiology clinic, a drug development center, a clinical studies center, and a diagnostic and clinical center, all in close proximity to the Boryspil plant.

 In short, MaxWell is creating a novel and comprehensive healthcare complex in and around Kyiv to realize the corporate motto: "We Help You Live Longer."