Journalists of “Misto” television in Poltava were hampered to make a video-recording of queues near Oshchadbank [Savings Bank of Ukraine], Obkom reports.

According to the information of the edition, on Jan 9, the television broadcasted a reel, showing the chief of the Poltava Oblast Oshchadbank branch roughly demanding a cameraman to stop filming and threatening to seize his camera.

In presence of several tens of pensioners, the official behaved in an offhand manner and pressed journalists to go to the second floor, as if to receive all the necessary information.

The television surmised that the bank official was merely trying to hush up the complaints of people, who have to stand in queues for several hours while it is freezing hard.

The TV journalists, having broadcast the information, noted they will not turn to law-enforcement agencies and will not demand to punish the official for deliberate hampering their professional activities.