Almost half of Ukrainians against giving special status to OUN-UPA warriors

12:33, 17 January 2008
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According to poll results

As of today, almost half of Ukrainian is opposed to giving the status of liberation movement participants and respective privileges to warriors of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (OUN-UPA).

These are the results of the poll, carried out by Democratic Initiatives Fund and Ukrainian Sociology Service firm on 5-8 December, 2007.

In particular, some 46.1% of those polled are opposed to giving the status and privileges to OUN-UPA veterans.

At the same time, some 36.7% support this idea to this or that extent: some 21% support absolutely, and others – under condition that the state will not impose its stance on citizens, and everybody will decide for himself whether to pay tribute to OUN-UPA warriors or not. At the same time, some 18% of those polled could not determine their attitude to the problem.

In the west of Ukraine, some 73.7% of those polled completely support the initiative of giving privileges and special status to OUN-UPA warriors. In the center and north-eastern regions of the country, this showing makes some 37.9%, with the number of opponents of this idea being the same. In the south and south-east, some 21.9% support the special status to UPA warriors. Even in Donbass and Crimea, some 13.4% support this idea.

Depending on the political preferences, the overwhelming majority of OU-PSD electors (some 70%) and BYuT (some 57%) support the idea of giving the special status and privileges to OUN-UPA veterans. Some 50% of Lytvyn’s Bloc electors, some 70% of Party of Regions’ electors and some 90% of the Communist Party electors are against this idea.

On the whole, 1800 respondents aged over 18 years old in all the Oblasts of the country were polled. The error margin does not exceed 2.3%.

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