Highly pathogenous bird flue (Н5N1) was discovered in Lobzenko poultry farm in Rivne village of the Krasnogvardejskyi region of the Crimea Autonomous Republic of Ukraine, according to the Ukrainian State Committee of Veterinary Medicine. The State Science - Research Institute on laboratory diagnostics and veterinary- sanitary examination confirmed the diagnosis.

The Emergency Ministry`s press-service has disclosed to UNIAN that a total of 153 birds died suddenly at a private firm where more than 25,000 poultry were kept.

The Crimean Directorate of the Emergency Ministry of Ukraine, together with veterinary inspectors and local self-government agencies representatives, carried out an epizootological inspection of the farm, sealed the village, posted guards and a quarantine is in place. 

The export of bird and poultry production from the infected territory is forbidden.

The first outbreak of bird flu was detected in Ukraine in late 2005, in northern Crimea -- a major stopping point on migratory bird routes. About 30 villages were affected at that time and tens of thousands of birds were destroyed.