President Victor Yushchenko greeted Ukrainian nation on the occasion of Epiphany, according to the President`s press-office.

Addressing a festive meeting near Baptism of Christ chapel in Kyiv Hydropark President said: “We have gathered today on the bank of our sacred river Dnipro near sacred place where over a thousand years ago our ancestors adopted Christianity, where they designated our creed and our great spiritual values. These days our land is being cleansed by holy water of all that is evil and untruthful. This water has power to heal people from their illnesses both physical and spiritual as well as to protect from squabbles and discord. I wish Jordan purity to our nation, to our land, to our thoughts, intentions and deeds.”

President also took part in festive service on the occasion of Epiphany led by Patriarch Filaret. After the service Patriarch consecrated Dnipro water and water in Baptism of Christ chapel.