On the way towards its Euro-Atlantic integration, Ukraine will seriously respond to and take into account the warning of Russia concerning its security.

President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko said this in his interview with UNIAN news agency.

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Victor Yushchenko stressed that, first of all, Ukrainian politicians should study to think with categories of the state security policy, base upon state national interests.

In the opinion of Victor Yushchenko, only the policy of collective security may guarantee security.

“There is no alternative, so we do not discuss whether to enter NATO or not, but we discuss the model of policy we should work out. And, upon answering this, we will very easily transfer to politics, we will decide how to integrate with collective Euro-Atlantic structures, which will provide the security and defense policy, and so on”, the Head of State believes.

According to him, Ukraine must make up its mind that it needs a self-sufficient security policy.