DF Group, international holding company, created by Ukrainian businessman Dmitriy Firtash, has issued a statement, denying any ties between D.Firtash and Semen Mogilevych, who was recently arrested in Moscow.

The statement is signed by Group DF CEO Robert Shetler-Jones, and reads as follows:

Видео дня

“With regard to the allegations in the Ukrainian and Russian media linking Dmitry Firtash and Group DF to Arbat Prestige, the Russian retail company currently under investigation by the Russian authorities, and to Semen Mogilevich arrested in relation to this investigation, we state the following:

 Neither Group DF nor Mr. Dmitry Firtash personally has any interest in or affiliation with Arbat Prestige. Dmitry Firtash also does not directly or indirectly own shares in this company.

 Furthermore, at no time has Dmitry Firtash had business relations with Mr. Mogilevich. Mr. Mogilevich has never worked for, or been affiliated with, or profited from dealings with Centragas, a company owned by Dmitry Firtash and a partner in RosUkrEnergo, or with Eural Trans Gas, Mr. Firtash’s company, which was involved with the gas trade between Turkmenistan and Ukraine prior to the formation of RosUkrEnergo.”