VR National Security and Defense Committee chief Anatoliy Hrytsenko forecasts that after introducing amendments into the state budget, the Defense Ministry will receive no more than 17 billion hryvnias.

According to an UNIAN correspondent, A.Hrytsenko claimed this speaking at a roundtable, devoted to pressing problems of transferring the Ukrainian Armed Forces to staffing a contract system.

He pointed out that the Armed Forces expect to receive 2.5% of GDP, that is 22 billion hryvnias, and make their calculations, basing on this amount.

“I’m confident by 99% that the army will not get these funds”, A.Hrytsenko said.

At the same time, he believes it would be unreasonable to channel 22 billion hryvnias to the army, because the state has to solve numerous tasks this year, including the boosting inflation, and problems in social sphere.

“We can just base our calculation on the amount of around 16-17 billion hryvnias”, A.Hrytsenko said.