Only signboard and antenna left from SBU - Moskal

16:19, 04 February 2008
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The Lawmaker says SBU has become obsolete

Hennadiy Moskal, author of the legislative initiative for creating the Anti-Corruption Bureau at the Interior Ministry of Ukraine, criticizes the counter-proposal to create a similar structure at SBU [the Ukrainian Security Service]. “I’m sorry, but presently only the signboard and antenna have left from the SBU. Only a person who knows nothing at all about our special services may say that they may create anything similar”, Hennadiy Moskal claimed to “Kyivskiy Telegraph” weekly. “Recently we have asked Mr.Nalyvaychenko [SBU chief] for what reason they dismissed Mr.Pidbolyachny from the post of the SBU Directorate for Struggle Against Corruption and Organized Crime chief, and appointed a fellow from Zakarpattya for this job. He [Nalyvaychenko] said that the organization’s showings have abruptly increased after the replacement. Then I asked the Department for Fulfilling Punishments to provide information about offenders, who got into jail from the SBU pre-trial prison. Probably, the detention centers must have been crowded with smugglers, members of organized criminal groups, Ministers, lawmakers, and so on. Nothing of the kind! So what showings they were talking about?”, he asked.

Hennadiy Moskal is confident that SBU has become obsolete, as well as the Directorate for Struggle Against Organized Crime. The politician claims that no more than 2% of the SBU employees may be taken to the Anti-Corruption Bureau. “The rest should be recruited from the officers, who were fired as “inconvenient”, because they had their own stance”, he stressed.

Hennadiy Moskal also proposes to provide ACB employees with the status of state officials. “They even do not need any weapon. They do not need to shoot – they need a clear mind, clean hands, and a good computer. They will have to work in the Verkhovna Rada, the Cabinet of Ministers, the Presidential Secretariat, that is, with state officials of the first and second categories”, H.Moskal pointed out.

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