President Victor Yushchenko held a press conference in Geneva after the signature of the Protocols of Ukraine’s accession to the WTO, according to the President`s press-office.

V. Yushchenko called Feb 5 events a truly historic moment for Ukraine. He also expressed gratitude to all those who contributed to Ukraine’s membership in the WTO.

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At the same time the President noted that there is yet much to be done at home for Ukraine to gain a full-fledged membership. To his mind it will take two to three weeks of preparatory work on the Protocol and after that it will be immediately forwarded to the Verkhovna Rada for ratification. Besides 11 technical draft laws must be adopted along with a number of documents on ministerial and governmental level. “Within next three weeks we shall be conducting a preparatory work. The rest of the time shall be dedicated to coordination”, - he said.

Speaking about benefits of Ukraine joining the WTO V. Yushchenko said that most favorable conditions are promised to metallurgy and chemical industry. New investors are expected to come to Ukraine as well. WTO membership also enables Ukraine to begin talks on establishing a free trade zone with the EU.