Tymoshenko insists on detailed checkups of RosUkrEnergo contracts

13:02, 06 February 2008
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"Naftogas of Ukraine are just watching financial flow movement..."

Prime Minister of Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko empowered NJSC Naftogas of Ukraine to check the conditions of emerging contracts with RosUkrEnergo in the result of which gas amounts, obtained for transit of blue fuel via its territory, have been shortened.”

Head of Govt stated during the meeting concerning the financial state of NJSC Naftogas of Ukraine, according to the government’s press-office.

“I demand that within the nearest time NJSC Naftogas of Ukraine to prepare letters addressed to General Prosecutor’s and SBU with an appeal to institute legal proceedings against officials, who had signed and endorsed these contracts. These documents have a number of signatures. This was practically a peculiar solidarity which has led to such an awful state of Naftogas of Ukraine,” Yulia Tymoshenko stated.

The Premier also pledged that she would send documents about the corruption facts in gas sphere to Justice Ministry in order to prevent illegal decisions of judges in these cases.

According to Yulia Tymoshenko, Main Control and Revision Department have already revealed that Naftogas of Ukraine had attracted credits under unprofitable conditions and purchased for this money outdated, amortized equipment overcharge. This has led to withdrawal of real circulating capital out of Naftogas of Ukraine,” Prime Minister added.

Besides, Yulia Tymoshenko was heard as saying, RosUkrEnergo and UkrGazEnergo have built a system of gas supplies in such a way that nowadays NJSC Naftogas of Ukraine are just watching financial flow movement, deprived of ability to influence this process.”

Prime Minister stressed on the necessity to regulate the issues in this sphere as soon as possible. “I consider today, during this meeting we are destined to determine the crisis.

And for all of us – the Government, for Naftogas of Ukraine and for the whole team of law enforcement bodies – it will be a peculiar test: interests of our country are above all for us or they were just hollow promises, declared during a regular election. I really wish everyone come to his senses, recall that it is our country, that corruption cannot be its home and foreign policy,” Yulia Tymoshenko accentuated.


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