Ukrainian agricultural market will reduce minimum 10% because of the country`s entrance to WTO, according to Agrooglyad. The correspondent of URA-Inform informs, Leonid Kozachenko, the President of Ukrainian Agrarian Confederation, shared this opinion on the 8th of February during the round table "Ukraine in WTO: pluses and minuses".

      "According to our estimations, agricultural market of Ukraine will lose at once 9-10% because of entrance to WTO", L. Kozachenko said.

      He told that at the present moment 91-92% of agricultural products on Ukrainian market are the products of national origin.

      "We have estimated that this parameter will reduce down to 80% after the country enters WTO; there will be not less than 20% of the imported agricultural products on the market of Ukraine", the President of Ukrainian Agrarian Confederation said.

      He is sure that this is "a serious challenge for agricultural sector; although, Ukrainian membership in WTO may open new perspectives for the increased exports of national agricultural products in future".

      "But, this is just a perspective", Mr. Kozachenko added.