20 September 2017
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Menu of ex-Transport Minister in #13 pre-trial prison

Rudkovskiy may be sentenced to 12-15 years of imprisonment

The investigation of the case, brought against ex-Transport and Communication Minister of Ukraine Mykola Rudkovskiy, has been completed. He was accused of a particularly big embezzlement of state funds (he arranged planes to fly abroad for his personal needs at the expense of state budget). Chief of the Prosecutor’s General Office Investigative Directorate Andriy Khochunskiy claimed this to Segodnya daily. In line with the law, Rudkovskiy may be sentenced to 12-15 years of imprisonment. Presently the accused and his lawyers are studying the materials of the case, after which it will be passed to court.

As for model Alexandra Nikolayenko, who accompanied the Minister in his trips, the PGO representative disclosed that there are documents which prove that it was namely she who flew together with Rudkovskiy to Paris. However, she was not interrogated, because presently she stays in USA. She will be interrogated as soon as she returns in Ukraine. But, according to the official, there are enough evidence, so the issue of interrogating her is not pressing.

#13 pre-trial prison director Oleksander Balduk disclosed yesterday that M.Rudkovskiy is kept in a 3-man ward in the pre-trial prison’s hospital. He has one neighbor, a former pilot, in the ward. “His maintenance takes us 23.15 hryvnias a day, and his food costs us another 5.88 hryvnias. Mykola Mykhaylovych [Rudkovskiy] gets three meals a day: in the morning – porridge, tea, bread, sugar; for lunch he gets a borshch, salad, and second course; in the evening – potato with fish. He may also eat parcels that he receives. He is laying on a bed, which was passed to him, he watching a TV, and reading a Spanish self-taught”, Balduk disclosed to journalists.


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