Ukraine will continue active negotiations and consultations with European countries on support of joining to the Action Plan on membership to NATO.

According to an UNIAN correspondent, President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko said this in the interview to journalists after the negotiations with President of Ukraine Nicolas Sarkozy.

V. Yushchenko said that the negotiations were fruitful, useful and suitable for the interests of Ukraine.

Speaking about Euro Atlantic intentions of Ukraine, the President noted that he “found full understanding in this issue”.

Answering the question, whether the French side changed its position, expressed by State Secretary of France Jean Pierre Jouyet concerning unreadiness of Ukraine to join to the MAP in the summit in Bucharest, V. Yushchenko noted: “President of France remained at great position”.

Answering for the detailed question whether France supports accession of Ukraine to the MAP, V. Yushchenko answered that he is very content with character of the discussion and its content.

V. Yushchenko noted that Ukraine has sole right for forming the basis of its defense policy.

“And France shares these Ukrainian intentions. Today, according to my opinion, it is very important to carry out the active consultations in the circle of our European friends”, said V. Yushchenko.

Moreover, he noted that he discussed the issue on signing the enhanced agreement between Ukraine and EU during the meeting with Nicolas Sarkozy.

“We are speaking about the format of the agreement which would give the European prospect for Ukraine and it is the essence of the political part of the enhanced agreement”, said the President of Ukraine.

V. Yushchenko underlined that Ukraine finds full understanding with France in this issue. According to the words of the President, the formula of this agreement will be agreed in the nearest future (associated membership, political partnership and so on, and so forth) and dynamism will be given to the negotiations.

“We will be the witnesses of very positive signals for Ukraine in the nearest future”, said V. Yushchenko.