According to the version of Focus magazine, Rinat Akhmetov heads the rating of the richest people of Ukraine with a fortune at 14.62 billion dollars.

      Chief editor of Focus magazine Myhaylo Gladkyi said at a news conference in UNIAN today that Ukrainian millionaires and billionaires became richer by 25% on average during the year. The total assets of 130 Ukrainians, who entered the rating, exceeded 100 billion dollars.

      According to the information of M. Gladkyi, 39 novices with total fortune of 8 billion dollars entered to the rating of this year. He noted that 18 parliament members of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine entered to rating-2008, the majority of them being from the Party of Regions.

      M. Gladkyi also underlined that the analytical group, including 10 people, worked over making the rating; investment bankers and sectoral experts, who used professional methods of calculations entered the group. The analytical group used only open information resources. The rating includes people, whose fortune exceeded 100 mln dollars and the property on assets can be proved on the basis of open resources. The foreigners, the most part of whose business is concentrated outside Ukraine, were not included into the rating. Moreover, deposits, private property, personal immovable property and automobiles were not estimated.

      M. Gladkyi noted that none of rating participants “has lost anything” by the results of 2007. The number of dollar billionaires in Ukraine increased twice as much according to results of 2007.

The top ten includes: co-owner of SCM company, parliament member from the Party of Regions R. Akhmetov – his fortune is estimated at 14. 620 billion dollars as of February 2008 (compared to March 2007 – 12 billion dollars), co-owner of «East One» company Victor Pinchuk - 10.5 billion dollars (March 2007 – 4.4 billion dollars), co-owner of Pryvat Group Igor Kolomoiskyi – 4.76 billion dollars (March 2007 – 3.3 billion dollars), co-owner of Pryvat Group Gennadiy Bogolyubov – 4.5 billion dollars (March 2007 – 3.2 billion dollars), co-owner of Ferrexpo company, parliament member from BYuT Konstyantyn Zhevago – 3.83 billion dollars (March 2007 – 1.7 billion dollars), chairman of the board of Illich MMC OJSC Volodymyr Boyko – 3.15 billion dollars (March 2007 – 1.3 billion dollars), co-owner of Industrial Union of Donbass corporation Vitaliy Gaiduk – 2.77 billion dollars (March 2007 – 2.3 billion dollars), co-owner of Industrial Union of Donbass corporation Sergiy Taruta – 2.65 billion dollars (March 2007 – 2.3 billion dollars), co-owner of Metinvest (SCM) company, owner of Smart holding Vadym Novynskyi – 2.55 billion dollars (March 2007 – 650 million dollars) and adviser of “Energy standard” Group” JSC Swiss mission in Russia Konstyantyn Grygorishyn – 1.73 billion dollars (March 2007 – 908 million dollars”.