Photo from UNIAN

Minister of Health Maksym Stepanov has announced a list of events to be allowed and facilities to be reopened from May 22, amid quarantine easing in Ukraine.

All relaxation measures will be subject to the criteria applied for adaptive quarantine, an UNIAN correspondent reported from Stepanov's briefing following a government meeting on Wednesday.

"If a particular region meets all the necessary criteria, then relaxation is introduced in that region. The first such relief will come on May 22, this is our first stage [of the adaptive quarantine]," he said.

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The minister said that from May 22, the following events and activities will be allowed in regions which will pursue with quarantine easing: sports events without spectators with the participation of no more than 50 athletes; sports events with over 50 participants shall be allowed only by prior agreement with the Ministry of Health subject to risk assessment; religious events with 1 person per 10 sqm inside; operations of hotels, while hotel restaurants and spa areas will remain banned; regular and irregular passenger road transport ( urban, suburban, intercity, and interregional), with no standing passengers allowed.

Also, Stepanov recalled that starting May 25, subway services will be resumed and pre-school educational facilities will reopen.

"This stage will last until June 1, then the next stage begins, and so on for 10 days [until June 22], but solely based on signs of adaptive quarantine, which we're introducing," the minister emphasized.

As UNIAN reported, today, May 20, the Cabinet of Ministers moved to introduce adaptive quarantine across country from May 22 to June 22.