Firefighters are trying to contain the fire / Photo from State Emergency Service

A new arson attack has been reported between the villages of Nyzhnioteple and Artema, 45-50 km from the Russia-occupied city of Luhansk, Luhansk region; the fire is approaching electrical substations, unexploded ammunition has been detonating.

This was reported by Stanytsia Luhanska District State Administration on Facebook on October 5.

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"Suddenly a fire has started raging there where there were no fires in 2014-2015 after large-scale attacks [by Russian forces] from Grad multiple rocket launchers," it said.

"[There is] another arson attack between the settlements of Nyzhnioteple and Artema. Crown fire is approaching power substations. Firefighters are trying to contain the fire. Unexploded ordnance has been detonating from the fire," it added.

Recent wildfires in Luhansk region

  • On September 30, there were reports on 146 wildfires in Luhansk region, 116 of them had been extinguished as of the evening of October 1.
  • The police have already opened seven criminal cases related to the fires.
  • On October 1, the Stanytsia Luhanska checkpoint was temporarily closed over the danger of the spread of a fire. It reopened on October 5.
  • According to the State Emergencies Service, the most difficult situation has developed along the stretch between Stanytsia Luhanska and the city of Severodonetsk, where forest fires have jeopardized 32 villages and towns.
  • Eleven bodies were found during the liquidation of wildfires in Luhansk region, in addition to 18 people who were injured. There were three State Emergency Service workers among the injured.
  • During the extinguishing of the fires, 150 people were evacuated.
  • The State Emergency Service said that as of 10:00 on October 5, seven out of nine main fires in forests, reeds and dry vegetation areas had been eliminated, one had been contained. Measures are being taken to put a forest fire out near the village of Smolianynove. The authorities assure the situation is under control.
  • The Joint Forces Operation Headquarters insist that shelling by Russia-controlled forces is the cause behind the large-scale fires.