The authorities in the City of Vinnytsia this year have decided to refrain from installing a Christmas Tree amid the spread of coronavirus.

Vinnytsia Mayor Serhiy Morhunov said there was a major discussion ongoing among residents about the Christmas Tree, while some even filed relevant petitions to the city council.

"In our community, some believe there is no need to install a Christmas Tree in Vinnytsia this year, and to allocate the money saved for hospitals to tackle COVID-19. Others, on the contrary, support the tradition, to have the city tree bring positive emotion for all in this difficult period," the mayor wrote on Facebook.

Morhunov called "alarming" the situation with the coronavirus ascertainment rate, therefore the format the New Year's celebrations must be changed.

"Therefore, there will be no Vinnytsia Christmas Tree installed in the Leontovycha Central Park this year, while festivities will move into an online domain. But we will preserve the tradition of festive illumination on our main streets and decorate the city center. And we will definitely install a set with a nativity scene on Independence Square, as we did in previous years," he said.

Addressing the city residents, the mayor asked them to take photos in public settings, including festive locations, in compliance with social distancing other and anti-epidemic rules.

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