Ukraine's government has published a resolution on extending the coronavirus-related quarantine until August 31.

Resolution No. 641, which was adopted on July 22, was posted on the Cabinet's website on the evening of July 24.

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In particular, the document says that the green, yellow, orange, and red COVID-19 risk levels are introduced depending on the epidemic situation in a region or a separate administrative and territorial unit of the region (districts of a region (oblast), cities and towns, districts in cities and towns, as well as villages).

The risk level will be determined after an assessment of epidemic indicators and formalized by a decision of the State Commission on Industry-Related and Environmental Safety and Emergencies. The commission is headed by the prime minister with the interior minister and the chief of the State Emergency Situations Service as his deputies and the minister for communities and territories development as his first deputy.

The yellow, orange, and red COVID-19 risk levels indicate a degree of the significant spread of COVID-19 in a particular territory of a region, the government explained.

The following rules are introduced in Ukraine for the quarantine:

  • citizens in public buildings and facilities, on public transport should wear respirators or face masks, including self-made ones, that cover the nose and the mouth;
  • citizens must have identity documents confirming citizenship or their special status, or a certificate of a homeless person's registration;
  • citizens are not allowed to leave the places of self-isolation, observation without permission;
  • foreign citizens and stateless persons are not allowed to cross Ukraine's state border except for foreigners, stateless persons who permanently reside in Ukraine, and persons who are recognized as refugees or persons who need additional protection; employees of diplomatic representatives and consular offices of foreign states, representative offices of official international missions; organizations accredited in Ukraine and their family members; servicemen (units) of the armed forces of NATO member states and Partnership for Peace countries. To cross the border, they need have COVID-19 insurance policies.
  • citizens, including foreigners and stateless persons, who cross checkpoints on the administrative border with Russia-occupied parts of Ukraine (Crimea, Donbas) should have COVID-19 insurance policies issued by insurance companies operating in Ukrainian territory.