Photo from UNIAN

Ukrainian Justice Minister Denys Maliuska has said citizens will be fined for not wearing face masks in public places amid the coronavirus quarantine in the amount of UAH 170 to UAH 255 (US$6.35 – US$9.53).

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"We establish Ukrainian citizens' special responsibility for not wearing [face] masks, and that of legal entities, namely owners of buildings, facilities and public transport who are obliged to control citizens' entry into their places only if they wear masks," the ministry's press service quoted Maliuska as saying on July 1.

Fines for individuals will be significantly reduced: from UAH 17,000 (US$635) to UAH 170-UAH 255, that is 10 to 15 non-taxable minimum incomes of citizens.

The level of fines for officials will remain unchanged.

Yet, the size of fines to be paid by legal entities will be increased. They will vary between 200 and 300 non-taxable minimum incomes of citizens, i.e. UAH 3,400 to UAH 5,100 (US$127 – US$191).

As UNIAN reported earlier, the Cabinet of Ministers approved a draft law to introduce special responsibility for not wearing face masks by citizens.