The COVID-19 pandemic may push over nine million people into poverty.

"According to a recent UN study, the COVID-19 pandemic is pushing Ukraine towards its worst recession in decades and may push over nine million people into poverty," the press service of the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UN OCHA) in Ukraine said.

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"Reportedly, more than 80% of households have lost income, and over 40% have at least one family member who has lost a job since the beginning of the pandemic," it said.

Developments in Donbas

According to the study, while disaggregated data on eastern Ukraine is not immediately available, the effects of this socioeconomic decline are likely to be devastating for the populations in the conflict-torn region. In the areas not controlled by the Ukrainian government, 58% of families report they have adopted negative coping strategies to meet basic needs, up from 49% in early 2020, with a larger proportion of households in debt (15% in September, compared with 11% before COVID-19).

Stepping up quarantine measures

  • Since November 9, quarantine restrictions have been tightened in a number of regions over changes in the epidemiological zoning map, as Ukraine was split into the orange and red zones, while there are no green and yellow zones.
  • The Health Ministry has introduced a strict "weekend quarantine."
  • Chief Medical Officer Viktor Liashko says that Ukraine is entering the second stage of responding to the spread of the coronavirus.
  • Since Monday, all planned surgery and hospitalizations have been suspended.