Ukraine has moved from the COVID-19 incidence reduction strategy to that of containment, says Deputy Minister of Health Viktor Liashko.

"Ukraine has moved from a strategy to reduce the incidence to a containment strategy. Our main goal now is to prevent incidence rise. With the current daily number of coronavirus cases we've been recording throughout this month, we see that the healthcare system is ready and that it's been dealing with these challenges," Liashko told one of the Ukrainian TV channels.

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Health officials have been analyzing COVID-19 developments in neighboring countries, including in Poland.

"They have more or less similar dynamics of the epidemic with Ukraine. They are two weeks ahead of us. They've already had such a stable trend for 48 days. We understand this, that if we keep the country in quarantine longer, this could result in a negative impact on the economy, therefore we compare the epidemic component with the economic one, in search for a certain balance – we're gradually relaxing certain areas of the economy and see how it affects the rise or drop of coronavirus incidence," said Liashko.