All Ukrainian regions designated as yellow quarantine zone / Photo from UNIAN

Ukraine's Health Ministry has updated the COVID-19 quarantine zones in Ukraine – all regions are in the yellow zone now.

The updated map was shared by the ministry on its website on May 25, 2021.

Read alsoCOVID-19 in Ukraine: Over 2,600 new cases reported as of May 25In particular, Ukrainian-controlled districts of Donetsk region have been transferred from the orange zone to the yellow one. As of today, the region's epidemic threshold is the highest, i.e. 94.4%, with the ceiling indicator being 100% and that of the green zone being below 50%.

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Thus, there are no more regions in Ukraine where at least one COVID-19 indicator would be exceeded. Indicators partially correspond to the green quarantine zone in five regions. In particular, an epidemic threshold in the city of Kyiv, Zakarpattia, Poltava, and Khmelnytsky regions is below 50%, while Vinnytsia region can boast the best indicator of case detection, which is lower than 5% (it should not exceed 20%).

Data from Ukraine's Health Ministry

Earlier, Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal said some Ukrainian regions might be transferred to the green quarantine zone.

The whole territory of Ukraine may become "green" if the incidence of influenza and acute respiratory infections is less than 50% of the epidemic threshold in at least 13 regions, while the indicator of case detection is below 5%. All COVID-19 quarantine curbs will be lifted if green zone regulations are introduced.