As of the morning of February 21, a total of 1,304,456 COVID-19 cases have been confirmed in Ukraine, with the latest daily rise fixed at 4,489.

That's according to Health Minster Maksym Stepanov.

In the past day, there were 323 children and 133 medics among newly-infected.

Read alsoUkraine strikes deal for supply of 500,000 doses of Indian COVISHIELD vaccineThe report adds that 2,445 patients were hospitalized over the last day, while 58 patients died.

Health officials as of Sunday morning also confirmed 1,557 daily recoveries.

A total of 27,188 tests were run across Ukraine (including 19,616 PCR, 4,697 ELISA, and 2,875 express tests).

Over the past day, the largest number of confirmed cases was registered in Ivano-Frankivsk (618), Vinnytsia (482), Zhytomyr (365), Chernivtsi (320), and Zakarpattia (281) regions.

Since the onset of the pandemic in Ukraine, 25,103 deaths were recorded, while 1,146,073 people recovered.