Belgium, Germany, Slovakia send over 35 mln face masks, 24 ventilators to Ukraine / Photo from UNIAN

Belgium, Germany and Slovakia have provided Ukraine with over 35 million protective face masks and 24 ventilators.

That's according to the EU Delegation to Ukraine.

In particular, the EU, via its Emergency Response Coordination Centre, is coordinating COVID-19 assistance to Ukraine.

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Read alsoCOVID-19 in Ukraine: Over 1,600 new cases reported as of June 8Three EU Member States – Belgium, Germany and Slovakia – have recently offered personal protective equipment and ventilators to Ukraine to help cope with the COVID-19 pandemic. The assistance includes over 35 million protective masks, 24 ventilators, 10,000 protective suits and goggles each.

The recent assistance consists of the following:

  • Belgium offered 500,000 KN95 masks and 2,000,000 surgical masks to Ukraine;
  • Germany offered 25 million surgical masks, 7,977,000 FFP2 masks, and 24 ventilators; and
  • Slovakia offered 10,000 protective suits, 10,000 surgical masks, 10,000 FFP2, and 10,000 goggles.