The death toll of middle-aged people is on the rise in Ukraine / Photo from

COVID-19 death cases are on the rise among younger adults in Ukraine, in contrast to Italy where the virus has been dangerous primarily for pensioners.

The leading infectious disease specialist in Ukraine, Olha Golubovskaya, announced this on Ukraine 24 TV channel.

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"Now we have – this is what I don't like and what alarms me – the number [of deaths] among younger adults increasing. [They are] not 80-90 years old, as in Italy. Many are now from 40 to 60, and the peak of the mortality rate is 60-69 years. This is dangerous," she said.

According to the doctor, different nations have different susceptibility to COVID-19.

"It is considered that Caucasian women's course of disease is the easiest one, and people from Southeast Asia suffer most. There are genetically determined factors," she said.

"I hope we will not have an Italian scenario, yet the season will be difficult," she added.

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